Why do you need a company blog?

company blogs

Lots of company websites have them but why do you need one?

Business Blogging should not be confused with regular blogging. It shouldn’t be used as a place to slag off your competition or rant about something which happened to you at the weekend in Costa coffee. It’s a platform to gain new business, I’m sure you will of heard of “content is king”, which in the case of a company blog is so true. You need good quality content to attract customers.

More traffic from a blog

You’ve gone to the effort of getting a new website, it’s on all your point or sale, marketing material and business cards, but what about potential new customers who are looking for you on Google? They don’t know your business name or your website address so how do they find you? The answer is content. The likely hood of you changing your website on a daily basis is slim so the best way to get new content onto your website is through a company blog which can be updated weekly or even daily.

When you add a new blog post it is indexed on Google, the more new content which is good quality will get you higher up the Google rankings. Remember to be fresh and unique with your posts, copy and pasting is a massive No No!

Turning traffic into sales

So it’s all well and good having a fantastic website, lots of lovely images and some amazing content on your blog, but what turns a visitor into a sales lead? Give them something which make them want to contact your or buy your product, a call to action is a must on every single blog post. Remember, the more unique and eye catching your blog posts and call to actions are, the more likely it is that your visitors will remember you.

Educational blog posts

Your blog posts should be treated as an educational resource, not as a product. This is a common mistake that often sees blogs fail from the offset. Use your company blog to educate visitors on your field of work, with a call to action for them to find out more about what you can offer them. If your blog post is a repeat of your product page, who is going to want to read it?

Lets get social

Social media is one of the most powerful tools at a companies disposal so don’t under estimate it’s power, if you write a blog post, spread it around social media like hot cakes. The more people and exposure you can get it, the better!

Return on Investment

So you don’t have time to create blog posts every week? a hour of your time could turn into 1,2,10 sales for an hour of writing and a few hours of promotion – so what are you waiting for?

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