G3 Digital Ltd design and produce websites which are innovative and accessible, working to make this website an example of the care and precision put into each project. Accessibility is an important factor to take into consideration when designing a website; this is often overlooked by many design companies. Guidelines have been set out by the W3C in respect to content accessibility. These are measured in three steps, A, AA and AAA accessibility. G3 Digital Ltd try to at least adhere to AA accessibility, as it gives all users easy access to a website no matter if they are using a web browser or a screen reader. This can aid audiences with visual impairments or other disabilities. Although the W3C only set out guidelines, G3 Digital Ltd try to follow these to the letter to produce a website which is faultless.

All the pages on this website are valid HTML and CSS, this is an important factor for all websites and because of this, our website will render correctly in a broad range of browsers. All pages on this site are WCAG approved; all pages comply with priority AA rules for content accessibility. This allows accessibility over a broad range of users. If you would like to test any pages of this website, please validate the pages using the W3C HTML and CSS validation tools. Accessibility guidelines can be found on the WCAG website.

What does this mean to people visiting this website and websites built by G3 Digital Ltd?

  • Websites built after April 2015 are fully responsive
  • No use of frames in the main section of the websites
  • Use of alternative text descriptions (ALT text) to describe the content of images
  • Text only on areas of the websites are used to provide an alternative non-graphical way of finding your way around the sites.
  • Maintaining a standard layout to help you find your way around the sites
  • Use of plain backgrounds where possible to improve the readability of text
  • All hyperlinks used are descriptive.